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 Celebrating 25 years  - Henley Homes, Inc.

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Henley Homes, Inc - 2013 Southern Living Builder of the Year

After successfully completing the 2013 Southern Living Showcase home, Henley Homes, Inc. was awarded the highest honor - the 2013 Southern Living Builder of the Year. This award is given out annually to the builder who represents the best the Southern Living Custom Builder program has to offer.

2013 Sword Award

Henley Home's Inc was deeply touched to receive the Sword award from Operation FINALLY Home in recognition of the work done supporting Operation FINALLY Home. Read more about the Sword award here...
Henley Homes invited for 10th year of participation in Southern Living's Custom Builder Program. Read more...
2011 Building Hope Award Winner - Garry Henley Henley Homes wins Southern Living's "Building Hope Award - 2011", a new award created in 2011 by Southern Living Custom Builder Program. Read more...
2010 Remodeler of the Year - Gary Henley Henley Homes wins Texas Association of Builders (TAB) 2010 Remodeler of the Year award.




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